Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My piece "Some Bullshit" from Hard Crackers #1 now online

Thanks to everyone who came out to the release event last month, the other readers Mike Morgan, Tony Maniscalco, and Andy Folk, John Garvey and Noel for emceeing the event, and to Andy B for making actual hard tack! It was disgusting but strangely compelling. "Tough and edgy", as Marcus Rediker called issue #1. Here's a photo of me reading. Thanks to Maud for the photo, and to Ben Sherman on Mercer Street for going out of business and providing me with such a snazzy shirt.

My piece "Some Bullshit" is now available to read on the new HC website. You can also check out the growing responses to Issue #1, collected on our website, and this cranky and ultimately generous review written by Paul Buhle as a part of his "Good Summer Reading on the Left".

Issue #2 should be ready in the early Fall. If you're interested in taking part, get in touch!