Sunday, May 1, 2016

CUNY Struggle

For the past six months I've been organizing in the CUNY system, where I work as a graduate teaching fellow while earning a PhD. My union the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) has been mounting an increasingly confrontational strike campaign. A group of my fellow rank-and-filers started a small ad hoc
grouping called CUNY Struggle, to help facilitate a broader-based CUNY movement, while serving as a platform for cooperation and debate. 

Earlier this year we launched, a resource for news, analysis, and debate around CUNY activism. This week, as the PSC prepares to vote on authorizing a strike, I offered up my analysis on the role of trade unions in our society, and the CUNY situation in particular. The piece is entitle "I'm Voting Yes on Strike Authorization", and while the analysis is by no means perfect or complete, it represents my attempt of some years to come to grips with the role of trade unions in the US class struggle. If you're in the CUNY system or have some writing you think would fit on the site, email