Saturday, October 13, 2012

Patrons Be Coming To The Book Thug Store, And Yours Truly Featured In Vice

This coming Tuesday, October 16th, local author Jarrod Shanahan will be holding it down at Book Thug with a couple of real live punx! I'm really excited to be hosting these dudes and their "War on the MFA." Also, it's the first I've read in a while, and I have some new material I'd like to share with the kids. Hope to see you there!

Also, to broaden my mainstream appeal, I've begun writing pieces for the illustrious Vice Magazine, the first of which is available here. I went ahead and took pictures of myself naked in a bathtub full of money with a ski mask on, but I guess they don't require that like I had thought. 

In short, it's a good week for the kid! I've been writing like a madman but I'm holding off posting much else up here, as I've discovered that it makes the pieces pretty much unpublishable elsewhere. There's a pretty hefty catalogue of vintage JShan in the blog's backlog though, and I'd encourage you to sift through if you haven't already. I kind of dumped it all on here unceremoniously.

DPRS is still on hold but hit me up if you want to get into trouble.

xo Jarrod