Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Issue of Hard Crackers and New Piece: Service Interruption

The fourth issue of  Hard Crackers, which I edit along with some talented comrades, is now available. It just might be my favorite to date; every piece is solid. I have a piece called "Service Interruption" about riding the subway (available to read online here), and also worked on a contribution from my man Edwin Rivera. Pick up a copy of the journal here, and consider becoming a subscriber, or better yet, a contributor.

*Update 1/20: Check out this interview HC editors Noel Ignatiev and James Murray gave to Orchestrated Pulse.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Piece in Urban Omnibus: A Jail to End All Jails

I'm honored to have co-authored a piece with my pal Jack Norton on the history of Rikers Island and what it teaches us about the proposals for its replacement. The article appears as part of the "Location of Justice" series in Urban Omnibus. Read it here. Thanks to UO for having us, and to Jack for being a wonderful colleague and friend. There is one mistake in the text however: on the day this was published, this "doctoral student" passed his final qualifying exam, and is now a doctoral candidate. B-)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

$7k or Strike!

I am honored to be a part of the campaign for a $7k minimum wage for adjunct faculty in the CUNY system. Whether in an individual workplace or society at large, it is only by every serious activist advancing the interests of the lowest tiers that we can begin to strengthen our collective power to fight the ruling class. CUNY Struggle has been very active in this campaign, along with some fantastic organizers across the CUNY system. Last Thursday I was interviewed for this video, made by our comrades at Left Voice, chronicling just one of four actions across the city on 11/30 marking the expiration of the PSC-CUNY contract and kicking off the campaign for a $7k minimum wage. $7k or strike... sounds good to me!