Friday, June 2, 2017

*Updated* Visiting Day, a new zine by Maud, Nate, and yours truly

Update: Visiting Day is now available online as a high-res PDF

When I was locked up last summer my zinester pals Nate and Maud came to visit me. Our idea was to document the visitation process at Rikers from both sides. Over the last year we have compiled our experiences into the zine Visiting Day, an illustrated story of our experiences, and a guide to visiting (or being visited at) Rikers Island. Our goal is to share the entire zine online for free, and we'll do that as soon as we find a good host. If you'd like a shiny paper copy, Maud and I will have copies at the 8-Ball Zine Fair in Manhattan on Saturday 6/3. If you can't come out for that, pick up a copy online thanks to our friends at Gnarly As I Wanna Be!