Tuesday, May 30, 2017

CUNY Struggle at Left Forum / Hard Crackers #3

At this year's Left Forum, CUNY Struggle will be presenting our analysis on the CUNY system and the way forward for a militant public university movement. This is a slight variation of the panel we did at HM, which was received very well. Check out this generous essay by Louis Proyect on the HM panel.

The panel is Sunday at 3:40. I'll be joined by comrades Andy Battle, Claire Cahen, Chris Natoli, and Sonam Singh. Click here for the details.

Also, Hard Crackers is doing a bit of crowdfunding for our third issue, which we hope to be out by the end of the summer. If you like HC and in the very likely case I just gave you a free copy and told you not to worry about it, check out the Go Fund Me page we've set up.