Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two Chapbooks Featured in "Our Comics, Ourselves"

Two of my and Nate's chapbooks are featured in a fantastic comic show at Interference Archive in Gowanus called "Our Comics, Ourselves". Here is how the curators describe it:

The exhibition Our Comics, Ourselves: Identity, Expression, and Representation in Comic Art presents the graphic stories that describe the complexity and diversity of our collective experience, and examines the social and historical contexts within which they emerged. Through comics we are not only able to recognize ourselves and our own experiences, but also the experiences of others. We can deepen our understanding of the world around us by reading these stories and engaging with their intricacies.

The curators selected "Satan Was So Over It" and "Sobertime!!1", which appear alongside many truly excellent zines and comics from all kinds of rad weirdos. I think I forgot to tell Nate this was happening actually. Man I haven't talked to Nate in a while and I really miss that guy. Anyway, Nate, if you're reading this, your art finally made it to Gowanus.

Thanks to Jan for having us, and thanks as always to Interference for their non-stop awesome programming. Sorry it took me so long to check this out.

The show is up through April 17th, at 131 8th St in Brooklyn.