Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hard Crackers

I'm honored to be on the editorial board of Hard Crackers, a new journal spearheaded by my good friend Noel Ignatiev (Race Traitor, etc.). Below is the introductory essay, written by Noel. Get in touch if you'd like to participate.
American society is a time-bomb where the big explosion, whatever its form might be, is endlessly hinted at by the more or less horrifying “little” degradations of daily rape, murder, stupid violence of different varieties (perhaps most notably urban gang violence), episodic mass killings (with or without apparent motive), drug and alcohol-induced stupors, drug overdoses, callous health care and classroom teaching,
apparently crazy people talking on subway platforms, and so forth.  We “see” these kinds of events in different ways—sometimes up close and personal, other times by reading the local newspapers or the online media or watching cable TV.