Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All Kinds Of Fun News

Good news Jarrod fans! Next week Nate and I are debuting our fourth collaborative effort, "Twilight Reflections On An Ethically Raised Life" being the tortured last testament of an "ethically-farmed" cow facing his imminent execution, dwelling in the loneliness of his very own Gethsemane, and, well, ruminating on the meaning of his fate, all in the interest of fresh, locally-murdered dead flesh stocking the shelves of the Park Slope Food Co-Op.

Nate and I will be celebrating this and our other new(ish) collaboration "SOBERTIME!!1" in Pittsburgh on Wednesday April 8th. I'll be reading a story or two and we'll have mad shit for sale. This reading is brought to you by the generosity of $1 Megabus tickets.

In other awesome news, Nate and my luminous joint effort SOBERTIME!!1 and my boring non-illustrated prose chapbook I GAVE YOU THE GOWANUS! are now available for purchase on the almighty Gnarly As I Wannabe webstore. Also available for purchase are past collaborations of Nate and mine, the inimitable SATAN WAS SO OVER IT, and the almost-maybe-can-I-call-it-a novel IT'S A TOUGH ECONOMY!. In other words Nate and I have mad shit out there right now! I've been meaning to reprint my first chapbook "Shh... It's A Secret" (read it online here, from my tender days before I discovered caps lock) but have embarrassingly lost my only copy. I heard this also happened with The Sufferings of Young Werther, not to invite the comparison or anything. If any of you out there in Jarrodland have a copy of this rare classic I can borrow for a day or two, I'd love to run some off.