Sunday, January 25, 2015

Two New Chapbooks for 2015!

Interested in what your favorite author has been up to lately? Check out these two slick new chapbooks for the new year!

"Sobertime!!1" (14 pp, Grixly 2015) is the story of staying sober in the NYC summer. It features eye-popping illustrations by the inimitable Nate McDonough (, my beloved collaborator of "Satan Was So Over It" and It's A Tough Economy! 

"I Gave You The Gowanus" (30 pp, Death Panel Press 2015) is the story of an intrepid group of developers hatching a plan to bring luxury to the shores of the Gowanus Canal, and the washed up Greek god who becomes their last hope for cleaning up this Superfund site to satisfy all those pesky environmental regulations.

Both will be available this week at the usual spots around NYC, and now Topos Bookstore in Queens, and coming soon to the Gnarly webstore (where my other collabs with Nate are always available).