Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Satan Review in Maximum Rocknroll

I hadn't sent anything to MRR since they wrote that Death Panel Literary Digest III "reads like the angsty offshoot of a community college literary journal... strictly for chain-smoking cafe-dwelling types." If I want to be insulted by a sassy punk I can just hang with Andy Folk. And he doesn't poke fun at peoples' class backgrounds either (is that PC now?!).

Anyway, I'm over it. So over it. And speaking of being so over it, Satan Was So Over It was selected in the top 10 zines for MRR's July 2014 issue, along with this generous review.

If you still haven't picked up a copy of SATAN, you can get one here. Strictly for sulfur-smoking Hell-dwelling types.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

9 Reasons Why My Kitty is Featured on CATSTER.COM

1. I work as a residential mover in New York City.

2. I have an adorable kitty cat named Rasta and we love to snuggle and read together.

3. I like other kitties too...

4. Ahhh! Not as much as you Rasta! I only snuggle and read with you! Books we've read together include:

James T. Farrell's Studs Lonigan triology

Paul Mason's Why It's Still Kicking Off Everywhere

JG Ballard's Crash

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre (Rasta and I are total Bro-ntes)

5. Last week I was "moving house" for this English guy Phillip with a very cute kitty named Mimosa.

6. Mimosa was making very cute noises and I couldn't help taking a video.

7. Phillip overheard me watching the video and revealed himself to be a blogger on the popular cat website

8. Phillip said he was writing about his kitty and the experience of the move, and wanted to use my video. I said that's great, but what about my kitty! 

9. It's OK Rasta! Phillip agreed to include a picture of you in the article! Read it here! Thanks Phillip, now we can all rest easy.