Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Point/Counterpoint by Freddie Madball

Point: Hold It Down

Enough time has been wasted, and now I’m faced with our realities and what’s to come of this scene. So many come and go - some have disgraced it. I think its time we take a stand, show them what we mean.

You can’t stop this - this thing of ours. Hold it down. This things is ours, hardcore is ours. Hold it down. Time after time, line after line, I must express the truth (‘cause that is what we stand for!). Some live to lie, they will defy and deny our roots.

I pay no mind. You know who we care for.

And I’m not only speaking for myself - I can’t. I hope I speak for everyone else out there. Because, a lot of people think that we don’t care. (But they cant stop what I’m bringing; cant stop what I’m bringing.) Trying to make a change, do what I can.

Conclusion: Hold it down, because we can.

Counterpoint: Set It Off

I see through bitter eyes and the fact still remains. I read between your lies: you got beat at your own game. Take a trip with me, for soon I will sin. Without one regret, the pain will begin.

As the knife got deeper, I won’t go without a fight. But you know the price you’ll pay - that price is with your life. (Suffering and pain, like nothing in your past.) I walk the walk, and my path will be your last. Set it off.

Conclusion: Set it off.

Freddie "Madball" Cricien is a founding member of the seminal New York Hardcore group Madball and a regular contributor to