Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Free Meek

The inimitable Dr. Zhandarka Kurti and I have a new article in Jacobin examining the Meek Mill case, the docuseries Free Meek, and its lessons for effective organizing against mass incarceration. It was a thrill to be putting the finishing touches on this piece when the news came down that Meek would finally be rid of the case that's dogged him for practically his entire adult life  not, it should be noted, without still accruing a record.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review of Homer Venters's Life and Death in Rikers Island

I have a review of Homer Venters's Life and Death in Rikers Island up now in Jacobin. I enjoyed this book, not in the least because of its terse and unpretentious exposition. I have some problems with the framework, which I address in the review. Definitely worth a read (both the review and the book) if you're interested in Rikers Island or the broader questions surrounding prison reform / abolition in the US right now.