Sunday, September 29, 2013

See Me Read with Dan and Andy at Mellow Pages Library in Bushwick!
Do you have a time machine? Great because I read at Mellow Pages Library last weekend with Andy Folk, Dan McClosky, and Cody Pickrodt, and you really should check it out. The readers will be top notch, and the venue will become one of my new favorites. (Check it out and consider becoming a member!) Anyway, sorry for the spoiler, but here is what it will look like:

I hate reading off of my phone, but that is where the final manuscript for IT'S A TOUGH ECONOMY! lives. Did you know that Epson printers prevent you from printing in black and white when you are low on cyan ink? I need to work that into the story. And anyway, I think reading off an iPhone 3 is officially retro at this point. It takes one back to a simpler time and place, before the game was all about fame and financial success.

Speaking of this text, I had the chance to host visiting Pittsburgh luminary Nate MacDonough this weekend, up to promote his latest book of illustrations. You may remember Nate as the illustrator of the Satan chapbook. Nate and I are now collaborating on the TOUGH ECONOMY novella, which is in the final stages of shaping up into a beautiful little prose/art hybrid work.