Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DPRS #15 Thursday 7/11, "For A Good Cause"!

This Thursday we at DPRS will be joined by top notch musical and literary acts to support the BK Base, a radical community center opening soon in Bushwick, in its last leg of fundraising before opening. Please come out, enjoy rad shit, and support this great cause!

Musical acts LEX LOSER, VULTURE SHIT, JUDY, YOU'RE NOT YOURSELF TONIGHT (first US show!) and AUSTIN LEMIEUX (rare musical performance)

Readers Niina Pollari, Mary T, Melissa Grapps, Jenna Cecilia
A very special DPRS to raise money for the Base in its final fundraising push!
cheap drink specials and *FREE WINE**
$3-10 suggested donation at the door!

Hosted by Jarrod and Andy Folk

@Fitness Gallery
Myrtle Ave at Willoughby St
Across from Little Skips and Anarchy Pizza

*while supplies last