Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Letter to John Elway by Jimmy Flynn

Jimmy (snail) mailed the following letter to famous American football player John Elway, and was nice enough to share this very private correspondence with us at the release gala for DP III.

Dear Mr. Elway,

I was recently watching NFL Network on cable tv and it reminded me that you were an insanely talented quarterback. A little back story here… I always resented you and that lesser-achieving quarterback Dan Marino because The Patriots got stuck with Tony Eason, until this insanely hot girl from Denver moved into my house. Sometimes I struggle with the issue of having a crush on her but I know it’s the wrong idea to have this crush. Also, by “crush” , I mean I think she is really pretty and has a swell personality, not “crush” in the case of the orange crush colored Broncos uniforms of the mid 70’s-mid 90’s. Know how you have nice eyes? She does too.

Check out this story.. My buddy Brian’s ( from Meltdown / Alpha and Omega ) girlfriend works over by the Boston Garden at a restaurant - a Tapas place to be more specific. Get this: your old stand by running back, Terrell Davis was dining there. He (Brian) made the funniest joke about how we should go in there with Elway jerseys on and hand him off some bread. LOL. Anyway, thanks for your time. Can you help me out with this issue?

PS: Go Pats!